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When you're out hiking or camping you never have to worry about consuming dirty water, again! The Outdoor Water Purifier is an amazing device that cleanses the dirtiest water and it turns it into a sparkling clean beverage. It works by removing 99.999% of bacteria and parasites which can cause illness.

Our amazing water filtration device has a 5-year lifespan, is compact, and lightweight. You'll NEVER leave home without it once you've tried it!


  • The Outdoor Water Purifier kicks into gear right when water is sucked through the intake. It can be put into a water source directly, or attached to a water bottle. The first line of defense is the effective cotton mesh that is placed directly in contact with the fresh water source and provides protection from large unwanted particles.
  • The second stage is a Chemical-free Antibacterial Hollow fiber UF Membrane ****which is remarkably designed to remove over 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of parasitic protozoa.
  • The third and final line of defense is a intuitively designed Activated Charcoal lining. Its main purpose is removal of granular impurities filtering to an amazing 0.01 microns, as well as removing some heavy metals. It also acts as a filter to any extra parasites or bacteria that were able to make it through the first two stages. The Outdoor Water Purifier improves the smell and taste of water making your drinking experience much more palatable.


  • Prepping, emergencies, and survival situations
  • Travel
  • Any outdoor activity where fresh water is scarce
  • For children


  1. Do not use when water is above 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Avoid drinking from extremely muddy water to stop clogging
  3. Blow excess water out when finished drinking
  4. Please spit out the first absorb-in water
  5. Please don't collect saline water or chemically polluted water
  6. Do not put in your microwave

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Raymond James

This water filtration system saved my life! I got stranded in the mountains last year and wasn't sure if the water in the stream was clean or not. I was able to filter it with this device.


Cameron Danks

Great for traveling to foreign countries with! I took the system with me to Thailand and had peace of mind when drinking the water.


Norman Dixon

My kids LOVE using this filtration system to drink out of mud puddles. It really does purify the water!


Molly Simms

Whenever we go camping we take the Outdoor Water Purifier with us. It's great for taking a drink out of the lakes and ponds. We no longer lug around water bottles!


Oliver Anderson

I'm super excited to have found this amazing water filtration system! I am going on a backpacking adventure with some friends this summer and I think it will come in handy. Very lightweight and compact, too!