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The Survival Grizzly Hook lets you claw your way around the great outdoors just like a bear! This stainless steel hook is perfect for most outdoor activities like grappling, climbing, and more.

This hook is the perfect tool to have when you're in an emergency situation. It is strong enough to pull a broken down car out of the mud! Seriously, if you're into outdoor adventures, this is the accessory to have.


  • GREAT FOR - Grappling, Folding, Climbing, Tail Carbine
  • STRONG - Can hold weight up to 350kg
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - Small with folding claws and very easy to carry and use
  • VERSATILE - For outdoor activities and survival training
  • WIDE APPLICATION - Disaster relief, climbing a tree, anchoring, grapple falling objects, etc.
  • DURABLE - Cross constituted with a mechanical claw and a grappling hook for strength and longevity. When the hook touches down naturally, the jaws are pushed open due to gravity. Jaws close when reversed. Tie any rope or string that is firm enough for significant weight to the ring buckle at the bottom for emergency uses and more! VERY easy to use!


  • 1 x Survival Grizzly Hook (Assembled)
  • 1 x Bat Gear Tie 2x Rubber O-Ring


  • Product Size: 5.9 x 3.54'' / 15cm x 9cm
  • Net weight: 281g

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Randall Trolley

I am so grateful to have this hook in my survival bag. It helped me climb a steep hill when I was trying to get away from some wild foxes.

Tatiana Taylor

This hook is awesome! I can grapple like a pro when using it. I never hit the hiking trail without. It's very easy to use, too.

Bonnie Simons

Last year, we had horrible flooding in our area and my car got stuck in the mud. This hook helped me and my neighbor, Dave, pull it out and onto dry land. Lifesaver!

Bill Clemson

If you're an outdoorsman, you need this grizzly Hook! It's great for a variety of things. I use it to help me scale rocks and climb steep hills.

Duane Homburg

My whole family likes using this grappling hook. In fact, I've had to buy 2 more of them because everyone wants to use it.